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The 7th from 12pm-1.30pm and the 8th from 7pm-8.30pm



The Art of Fermentation with Master Ki Soondo's Son

Master Ki Soondo, grand master of traditional Korean cuisine, invites you to share his knowledge through a culinary workshop

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The Art of Fermentation with Master Ki Soondo's Son
The Art of Fermentation with Master Ki Soondo's Son

Heure et lieu

The 7th from 12pm-1.30pm and the 8th from 7pm-8.30pm

Paris, 148 Avenue d'Italie, 75013 Paris, France


À propos de l'événement

It is a great honor for us to receive Master Ki Soondo , crowned " Grand Master of Traditional Korean Cuisine No. 35 ", perpetuates his family's know-how through his fermented sauces.

Specializing in Jingang , a five-year-old soy sauce , she is now the last person to know about this secret recipe which, for more than 360 years, has made her family famous.

Today, she continues to make her fermented dough traditionally in her small village of Damyang, in the south of the Korean peninsula, with knowledge passed down over several generations.

It is also in this same village, lost in the middle of a bamboo forest, that grows a thousand terracotta jars from which delicious scents escape and there is also soy sauce "mother " (ssi-ganjang), which has endured for more than 360 years.

This treasure of the Go family passes from one first daughter-in-law to another, and thus carries the whole history of the family.

“When making, I have to fully focus on the Jang" at each step because the whole process is very important -Ki Soondo

She will share her knowledge of fermentation with you, and tell you her unique story. We offer 2 different workshops: 

  •   Demonstration of the separation between doenjang and ganjang   (soy sauce and soybean paste) then preparation of kimchi with our homemade kit on December 7 from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  •   Demonstration of how to make gochujang (chili paste) then prepare kimchi with our homemade kit _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad58 from 01_le 93d December

Ms. Ki Soondo will accompany you in making fermented pasta and kimchi. You will then leave with your achievements!

Do not hesitate to reserve your places! The demonstrations will be done in small groups, no more than 8 people for a more intimate experience. Mrs. Ki Soondo does not speak French, so she will be accompanied by a translator for the demonstration.

The entrance tickets to the event being dated, neither exchangeable nor refundable, it is therefore advisable to check that your health pass complies with the verification conditions, before finalizing your order.


  • Workshop December 8 19:00-20:30

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